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5.20 Cabin Boat

Son Güncelleme :

28 Ocak 2024 - 19:57

5.20 Cabin Boat

Combination of Adventure and Comfort at Sea!

520 Cabin Cruiser, a magnificent meeting of technology and aesthetics, is designed for those who want to experience unforgettable moments at sea! It is ready to attract you with its technical features and standard accessories.

Technicial Specifications:
Total Length: 5.20 m
Width: 2.35m
Draft: 0.26 m
Weight: 550 kg
Min. Engine Capacity: 40 hp
Max. Engine Capacity: 90 hp
People Carrying Capacity: 6
Bed Capacity: 2

Standard Accessories:
Head pulley (NiCr)
Ram’s horn (NiCr) 4 pieces
“U” Eyebolt (NiCr) 3 pieces
Head rail (NiCr)
Rear rail (NiCr)
Front visor glass
Front visor glass tube (NiCr)
Ladder (NiCr)
portable plexiglass door
door ventilation
command chair
Remote seat leg
Mobile side seats
Reed fishing rod holder 2 pieces
edge handrail rubber
Handrail end cap (NiCr)
Cabin cushions
Rear pool cushions
Cabin ceiling fabric covering
Portable WC storage space
sink faucet
mini water pump
Water tank (fiberglass)
water filling cap
Colored edge stickers

Delivery Time: 21 Business Days
Boats Group Sales Team
WhatsApp: 0537 432 71 17

Take your adventures at sea to the top with this magnificent boat! Contact now and do not miss this unique opportunity. Enjoy watching!

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