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Bilgin Yacht Leona: The New Meaning of Luxury

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04 Ağustos 2023 - 7:13

Bilgin Yacht Leona: The New Meaning of Luxury

Bilgin Yacht Leona: The New Meaning of Luxury

Introduction The Ship Industry has made great progress in the design and construction of increasingly large and luxury yachts in recent years. One of the best examples of this debut is the yacht named Leona, which is being implemented under the Bilgin 263 series by the Turkey-based Bilgin Yacht company. This elegant 80-meter yacht stands out for its originality and perfection in its design. Leona has been specially designed to offer private and spacious spaces to guesthouses and dazzles with both its interior and exterior design.

Design and Construction Bilgin Yacht managed to bring Leona to life by collaborating with Antalya-based Unique Yacht Design for ship architecture and exterior design. For the interior living areas, storage was worked with H2 Yacht Design. These special collaborations ensure that the yacht has a distinctive and aesthetically rich appearance.

One particularly notable change is that Leona has a comfort zone that doesn’t go away. By reducing the cabin width, larger accommodation areas and additional storage areas are created. In the main compartment are two generous VIP cabins with storage rooms and bathrooms. In the sub-mission, there are two cabins instead of three. In this way, more space was obtained for the movie theater, gym and sauna. In addition, the owner’s enclosure is extended with the superstructure, showing an owner’s suite. The front section also has a private lounge area with access to the owner’s outer channel. Emrecan Özgün, the manager of Unique Yacht Design, stated that he found the yacht’s front luggage especially sexy and ostentatious, “In terms of international lines, the front luggage is

Technical Specifications Leona also makes a big impact with its technical features. With a length of 80 meters and a width of 12.25 meters, this luxury yacht has a long range with a fuel capacity of 155,000 liters. Its 6000+ knot range allows it to reach 19 miles of sea speed. In addition, the water capacity of 45,000 kg guarantees the convenience and comfort of those staying on long trips.

Accommodation and Staff Thanks to H2 Yacht Design’s study room, Leona combines elegance and grace in her interior design. The capacity to host a total of 10 guests in 5 cabins aims to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience. In addition, a 19-person crew is on hand to meet the yacht’s specifications and provide excellent service to the owner and guests.

Conclusion Bilgin Yacht Leona is a yacht that adorns the dreams of those looking for luxury and comfort with its eye-catching design, original interiors and high performance. This elegant and modern yacht is an example of technological developments and aesthetics on ships. Leona is a marvel to use and get away with to provide guests with an unforgettable travel experience.

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