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Kha Shing

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14 Şubat 2024 - 15:41

Kha Shing

Kha Shing

Kha Shing was originally a small mill engaged in timber trading, Kha Shing Lumber Co., Ltd. He started his life as. In 1977, the three Gong brothers started a joint venture with shareholders Cheng, Ho and Chuang to buy the factory and began building yachts. The company was known as Kha Shing Lumber Co., Ltd until 1997 before officially changing its name to Kha Shing Enterprises Co., Ltd. used his name.

In 1978, Kha Shing delivered his first pleasure yacht to Seattle, WA. Thereafter, the company’s business continued to grow steadily and became the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of many brands such as Albin Marine, Bell Marine, Breeze Yachts, Kaufman, Ranger Marine, Royal Yacht, Tarquin Trader Motor Yacht and Spindrift Motor. Kha Shing broke the record of delivering 94 yachts in one year, earning Taiwan the title of “Asia’s Yacht Kingdom”.

Over time, Kha Shing began investing in advanced infrastructure and technologies to build larger, high-quality and custom-built luxury yachts to meet the demands of its customers. This decision further strengthened the company’s leading position in the maritime industry. In October 2007, Kha Shing launched its 1,000th yacht, becoming the first shipyard in Taiwan to achieve this milestone.

Kha Shing’s yachts are also internationally recognized and have won various awards, including the 2014 Motor Boat Award for the Monte Fino E85 Echo in the Custom Yacht category. Today, Kha Shing is still considered one of the world’s most respected yacht manufacturers and continues to maintain this position with constantly improving and innovating yachts.

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