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Neptunus Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:35

Neptunus Yachts

Neptunus Yachts: Where Luxury and Performance Meet

Neptunus Yachts stands out for its tradition of producing semi-custom yachts rich in style and detail but focused on reliability and performance. Operating from the same shipyard for over 30 years, Neptunus has a proven track record of building quality yachts and has launched over 175 yachts during this time.

Neptunus Yachts, Canada’s leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer, is a pioneer in the industry with models ranging from 55 to 75 feet.

Over the past three decades, our aim has been to ensure that every customer feels that their new Neptunus is one of their best yachts. Many Neptunus owners are now on their second or third Neptunus yacht, while some have upgraded to their fourth or fifth Neptunus.

We are known for our passion to continually improve our vessels and product range and deliver the highest level of quality to ensure our customers get the maximum enjoyment from their vessels.

2021 represents our sixth year of commitment to CE Category A – Ocean certification. This certification is an indication that we provide our customers with the highest design standards and safety.

The Neptunus team consists of employees who have extensive experience in the yacht building industry and are highly skilled in their profession. They will be proud to work with you to build a new Neptunus yacht. Check out our customer references and yachts, then contact us.

Neptunus Yachts is the point where luxury, performance and reliability meet.

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