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27 Şubat 2024 - 9:55



Polimarin: Building Sea Passion

I founded Polimarin in 1976, with a spirit combined with my own interest in boats and passion for the sea, while I was studying shipbuilding. We set out to increase the love of sailing and the sea in our country.

As Polimarin, we have designed and produced many different boats. These include various designs such as 153 4.13m Mariner speedboats, 6 Alamatra fishing boats, 36 Scorcher 6, 10 9.20 and 23 Pala 11.50, 9 Pala 8. Additionally, we achieved an important milestone by building our country’s first serial sailing boat.

We ended our manufacturing activities in 1992 but maintained our commitment to the maritime industry. We continued our activities in the yacht industry by providing material supply and technical support consultancy services through yacht equipment representatives.

As Polimarin, we exist to experience the passion for the sea and pioneer innovations in the maritime field. With our respect for our past and our belief in the future, we strive to go further in the maritime world.

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