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Princess Yachts

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27 Şubat 2024 - 9:44

Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts: A Maritime Icon

Princess Yachts marks the beginning of a story with its home in Plymouth, England, in 1965, a rich part of British maritime heritage. Today, Princess shipyards are located in South Yard, a former naval shipyard that left its mark on maritime history, and is spread over a vast area of 1.1 million square feet.

Here, in this place full of old but dedicated efforts, we are bringing M Class superyachts to life. These superyachts are expertly crafted at every step and are meticulously shaped to suit the tastes of their owners. Princess’s dedication and attention to detail leaves a deep impression on Plymouth’s craftsmen. More than 3,000 people come together to bring this unique vision to life.

Princess Yachts’ tradition of exceptional design continues since 1965. The boats, each demonstrating a commitment to excellence, are not only technically advanced but also strikingly aesthetically pleasing.

Plymouth, where Princess Yachts is based, is a city that has played an important role in maritime history. Home of Sir Francis Drake, this place witnessed the famous voyages of the great sea captain. It is also known as where the Mayflower sailed in 1620. Plymouth’s maritime heritage dates back to the 700s BC, when it was considered one of England’s leading ports. Today, it hosts the largest naval base in Western Europe with the Devonport Shipyard.

Princess Yachts continues to write its name in golden letters in the maritime world by combining this rich maritime heritage with modern technology and innovative design approach.

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