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27 Şubat 2024 - 11:56

Ses Yachts

Ses Yachts: The Address of Special Designs for Sea Enthusiasts

Ses Yachts offers an excellent option for those looking for quality and original designs in the world of yachting, which is the gateway to the endless freedom of the seas. The company, which builds all kinds of yachts with certification and offers the opportunity to customize them according to the wishes of its customers, has gained a solid place in the sector with its years of experience and expertise.

Founded in 1977, our company has successfully completed many yacht projects to date. The highest quality materials are used in the construction of our yachts and they are certified to international standards. Working with various materials such as epoxy PVC, fiberglass (GRP), epoxy laminated wood, aluminum and steel, we produce a variety of yachts to meet the demands of each customer.

Together with the modern production and assembly shipyard in the Tuzla Shipyard District of Istanbul, Turkey, we have established an additional factory for the production of furniture and equipment for small fiberglass yachts and larger yachts. In these facilities, we realize our original designs that make our customers’ dreams come true.

As Ses Yachts, we always consider customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our leadership goal in our industry is to meticulously implement the highest quality standards and the finest details. We strive to understand our customers’ wishes and achieve satisfactory results.

Every customer is special to us and their wishes are important to us. We work to achieve the best results by listening to our customers’ dreams and wishes, thinking about them and offering creative solutions.

Ses Yachts is the address for special designs for sea enthusiasts. With our dynamic and innovative approach, we aim to exceed every customer’s expectations. We invite everyone who wants to experience the endless freedom of the sea to join the Ses Yachts family.

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